Patients As Partners 2015: Get a 15% Discount

Patients as Partners

The 2nd annual Patients as Partners conference is taking place March 16-17 in Philadelphia. The conference organizers are offering friends of Rebar Interactive a 15% discount. To claim the discount, enter “REB15” during registration. If you have an interest in partnering with patients for clinical trials, you will enjoy this conference. And if you don’t […]

Digital Marketing for Patient Engagement (2014 SoCRA Conference)

Digital Marketing Clinical Research

Welcome 2014 SoCRA conference attendees! This blog post is a companion to my presentation on September 20, titled “Digital Marketing For Patient Engagement and Recruitment: Systematic Strategies & Tactics for Research Sites.” You can download a copy of the presentation slides here. The presentation addressed three major areas: The what and why of digital marketing […]

Great Facebook Pages for Research Sites (2014 SoCRA Presentation)

Facebook Clinical Research

Welcome attendees of SoCRA’s 2014 workshop Harnessing Social Media to Advance Clinical Research! I’ve compiled a list of 40+ links and resources as a companion to my talk, which was titled “Great Facebook Pages for Research Sites.” (Download slides here.) I’m also in the process of putting together additional content related to this presentation. If […]

How Clinical Research Sites Can Engage Patients Using Facebook

Facebook Clinical Trials

I’m currently headed to Chicago to speak at SoCRA’s conference, Harnessing Social Media to Advance Clinical Research. My presentation, which is titled “Great Facebook Pages for Research Sites,” focuses on three of my favorite things — social media, patient engagement, and research sites. I presented at SoCRA’s social media conference last year on the same […]

eCongress: Optimizing Patient Participation in Clinical Trials

Econgress Logo

During the month of June, eCongress is hosting Optimizing Patient Participation in Clinical Trials, a series of six webinars focused on attracting, engaging, and retaining clinical trial participants. This series is an excellent opportunity to learn from industry experts on important patient-related topics in a convenient format. And it’s all free! The eCongress series is […]

Improving the Patient Experience: A Partnerships 2014 Recap

Partnerships Clinical Trials 2014

I arrived in Vegas for Partnerships in Clinical Trials 2014 with great excitement, prepared for both the expected and the unexpected. And I encountered both. On the unexpected front, I found unanticipated but welcome connections and conversations, including an extended dinner discussion about Breaking Bad. On the expected front, I caught up with colleagues and […]

60+ Resources for Digital Patient Recruitment (For NCI Workshop Attendees)

national cancer institute

Hello, NCI I-SCORE attendees! This blog post is a companion resource for my March 21, 2014 National Cancer Institute talk, which was titled “Digital Strategies for Patient Recruitment.” You can download slides from the talk here [PDF]. Please keep in mind that the slides include an addendum that was not reviewed during my presentation but […]

Patients as Partners Conference: Get a 15% Discount

Patients as Partners 2014

“Nothing about me without me.” This phrase was popularized by the Society for Participatory Medicine (which I am a member) to promote greater patient access to electronic health records, particularly as it relates to meaningful use regulations here in the US. But the phrase is often applied more broadly and has become a common rallying […]

The Clinical Trial Patient Engagement Challenge: Can You Build a Great App?

Patient Engagement App

Patient engagement has been hailed as the “blockbuster drug of the century.” Even if you think this statement is hyperbole, it’s hard to deny that patient engagement has great potential to improve healthcare. For example, engaged patients tend to have better outcomes, and perhaps even lower healthcare costs. That’s the conclusion of a growing body […]

Virtual Clinical Trials and Quantified Self (A Guest Post)

virtual clinical trial

A proof-of-concept created by Brock Heinz of Spaulding Clinical could have interesting implications for the future of clinical trials. That’s the topic I explore in a recent two-part guest post on Medidata’s Geeks Talk Clinical blog. In the two-part series I discuss: Why most patients have little interest in clinical trials Why EHRs are not […]